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Tomorrow's MSS for Healthcare: Going it Alone vs. Extending Your Team

What can we learn from the evolution of managed security services to help us prepare for the future?

Historically, managed security services (MSS) started with hand-rolled firewalls in the mid to late 1990as. Eventually, the number of managed security services existing outweighed the number of potentially unprotected clients. The field was too crowded with 'sellers' and not enough 'buyers' so to speak. 

However, the landscape of the industry as it stands today has yet again evolved, perhaps in no small response to the pandemic. Now, the general trend seems to be indicating that demand for cyber security may be greater than supply. Technology is no longer so simple, and solutions like simply monitoring web use are laughably obsolete. Threats have increased in number and complexity, and new devices have been created and integrated with other systems which expanded the variety of cyber attacks and solutions possible. Especially in the present-day, the healthcare industry is one of the, if not the most, targeted sector for cyber criminals. 

The likelihood of an event multiplied by its impact is how you can think about risk mathematically. With this equation, we can understand how much a security breach can cost, and thereby minimize the impact of any potential cyber attack. Companies like Ci Security and Cylera are attempting to fulfill this ever increasing need for cybersecurity, especially in the healthcare industry. They strive to explain why clients need to focus on detection and response. 

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Join Michael Hamilton, Founder and CISO of CI Security at the recent Healthcare MSSF 2020 as he shares his thoughts for "Developing Tomorrow's MSS for Healthcare: Going it Alone vs. Extending your Team"

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