How Cylera Works

Healthcare IoT Attack Surface Reduction Solution Healthcare IoT Attack Surface Reduction Solution

Accelerate Healthcare IoT Cybersecurity Maturity

Cylera provides the easiest, most accurate, and extensible platform for healthcare IoT intelligence and security to optimize care delivery, service availability, and cyber defenses across diverse connected medical devices and infrastructure. Powered by machine learning (ML) insights, the Cylera platform discovers, categorizes, assesses, and monitors healthcare IoT assets with high fidelity to deliver unparalleled inventory, usage telemetry, threat prioritization, analytics, and guided remediation.

Extensive Capabilities

Connected Medical
Device Inventory
Risk Profiling and
Threat Mitigation
Enhanced IoT
Asset Intelligence
Healthcare IoT and IoMT Inventory. Healthcare IoT and IoMT Inventory.
  • Continuous visibility – identify, classify, and monitor healthcare IoT devices in real-time.
  • Deep healthcare IoT device intelligence – capture make, model, OS, vendor, network services, SBoM attributes, and more.
  • Inspect and assess device network traffic – analyze granular flow and communication attributes.
  • Identify known and unknown devices – auto-categorize and assess without requiring retooling.
Healthcare IoT and IoMT Risk Management. Healthcare IoT and IoMT Risk Management.
  • Passive, real-time detection – identify vulnerabilities and indicators of compromise (IOCs) affecting healthcare IoT devices.
  • Dynamic risk profiling – pinpoint actual attack surface risk and potential service impact.
  • Efficient mitigation – prioritize threats with risk scores and remediate faster with detailed triage context and prescriptive remediation guidance.
  • Zero trust – generate network segmentation policies and monitor zones.
Healthcare IoT and IoMT Audit--readiness. Healthcare IoT and IoMT Audit--readiness.
  • Rich analytics - obtain insights with interactive dashboards, filters, and reports.
  • Compliance audit-readiness – utilize reports and data export of inventory, risks, threats, and event logs.
  • Data sharing - integrate with popular network, security, asset, and service management systems for triage context and prescriptive remediation guidance.
  • Healthcare IoT optimization - collect usage telemetry to enable optimization and cost savings.

Scalable Platform

Cylera Architecture Cylera Architecture

Technology Advantage

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Adaptive Data
Type Analysis

Readily extracts context per device from healthcare IoT traffic sent over known and unknown protocols while avoiding the limitations of DPI-based systems that rely on protocol decoder libraries.

Network Traffic

Uses network traffic emulation to create identical virtual healthcare IoT devices that can “stand in” for actual devices during active scans and probing.

Smart Threat

Applies machine learning (ML) to correlate multi-source device, indicators of compromise (IOC), and in-service data to identify and prioritize actual threats with resolution guidance.

Flexible Systems

No code, self-service integrations with popular systems such as Firewall, NAC, SIEM, Segmentation, Vulnerability Management, Network Management, CMBD/CMMS, and ITSM.

Policy Manager

Provides precise rule generation, new healthcare IoT device auto-enrollment, and policy monitoring.

Agentless Deployment

Cylera’s agentless approach to healthcare IoT asset intelligence and security does not rely on agents, network scanning of devices, or overdue manufacturer updates.
Cylera Platform Deployment Cylera Platform Deployment

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