Past Events

Machines Are Taking Over: Securing the Internet of Connected Things

February 4, 2021 | Enrichment Lecture at the University of Denver College

Most of us don't really think twice about purchasing new gadgets for the home or car.

But all of these devices are ‘connected' – connected to our smartphones via the internet and often connected to cloud-based services that aggregate and report data to our devices in a usable format. But what types of data do these mod-cons collect, and how valuable is it to criminals? Sometimes, ignorance can be bliss, but where security is concerned, it probably behooves all of us to gain a better understanding of our surroundings.

Join Cylera's Chief Security Strategist, Richard Staynings for an Enrichment Lecture on securing the internet of things, AI, ML and more. This interactive lecture is open to the public and will be broadcast via Zoom.

This interactive lecture will examine:

  • The growth of IoT and its impact on society and upon cybersecurity.
  • The growth of AI or artificial intelligence in IT systems
  • A form of AI known as machine learning in the latest software and cybersecurity

Date: Thursday, February 4th

Webinar Platform: Zoom