Past Events

IoT World & AI Summit (Silicon Valley)

November 3rd-4th, 2021 | From R&D to ROI, IoT World 2021 is joining with the AI Summit to offer a unique opportunity for technology professionals. 

After a year filled with uncertainty, one thing is clear: forging in-person business connections has never been so imperative for the IoT ecosystem. IoT World & AI Summit 2021 provides the chance to reconnect and network with your industry peers and engage in strategic conversations on how to prepare for a technology-powered future.

With 17 conference stages and exhibition combining emerging technology and leading brands, IoT World showcases organizations leading the way in IoT adoption, providing inspiration to enable you to propel into a new world of business quicker, with more accurate data, ensuring you can thrive through new technology adoptions.

Join us to reconnect and network with industry colleagues and engage in strategic conversations on putting IoT, AI, 5G and Edge into action. Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to join the most forward-thinking enterprises and pioneering software players to explore the why, what and how of digital infrastructure - and to uncover the impressive opportunities digital innovation can bring!

Date: November 3rd-4th

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center