Past Events

HIMSS AsiaPac19 - Bangkok Thailand

October 7–10, 2019 | AI is going to radically change healthcare security 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually becoming more prevalent in the healthcare industry, as the complexity of informational data increases. With the recent advances in digitalized data acquisition, machine learning, and computing infrastructure, AI applications are expanding into areas that were previously thought to be for human experts only. Advance algorithms are enabling big real-world advances and are getting more intelligent by the day. 

Join Cylera's Chief Security Strategist, Richard Staynings for a main stage presentation on 'How AI is Going to Radically Change Healthcare Security'.

Also join Richard for a workshop on the 'Rising Threat of Healthcare Internet of Things - Everything from Medical Devices to Hospital Management Systems'.

Both at the HIMSS AsiaPac19 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Attend this event to learn about:

  • AI and its affects on healthcare security

  • AI-powered cyber attacks and their effects 

  • Meet exhibitors and learn from the latest cybersecurity technology experts 

Dates: October 7 - 10, 2019

Location: Central World, Bangkok, Thailand