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Does Healthcare Need a Clinical Cybersecurity Safety Officer??

With an increase in medical technology and a rise in cybercrime, do healthcare professionals need someone to bridge the gap and translate the growing risks?

As healthcare increases its incorporations of technology to facilitate greater precision in patient care, advancements in cybersecurity measures are also required. Currently health data breaches are of particular interest to cyber criminals as these records often include private data such as name, DOB, insurance, and even personal credit card information. These types of attacks are not only a threat to patients' identities and finances, but also can impede hospital operations and place the health and well-being of patients at risk, even sometimes resulting in patient death

As the pandemic continues to grip the US and the rest of the world, cyberattacks are only increasing in number. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the continued chaos in healthcare organizations through ransomware attacks or even through simple phishing emails designed to gain entry into medical devices, as medical professionals seek to lower case rates and create a vaccine. 

With the continued effects of Coronavirus still haunting us, healthcare professionals need to be prepared in order to defend against a cyber attack. However, are technology, risk, and security executives speaking a language that physicians, nurses and business leaders can understand? Do healthcare professionals need one of their own to translate the growing risks? 

Hear From the Experts

Check out the latest virtual panel where where healthcare thought leaders and experts discuss the difference between the US and UK's approach to securing healthcare and ask the question of whether the industry needs a clinical cybersecurity officer. 

This panel includes: 

  • Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist at Cylera
  • Dr. Saif Abed MD., Director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services at The AbedGraham Group
  • Shaun van Niekerk, Head of IT and Cybersecurity at NHS