Past Events

Denver University AI Lecture

September 2nd & 9th | Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Good … and Bad

Healthcare in the U.S. is undergoing a dramatic change thanks in part to artificial intelligence. 

Join Cylera's Chief Security Strategist,  Richard Staynings, for an exclusive enrichment lecture on AI in Healthcare with Professor Arlen Meyers MD through the University of Colorado Denver. 

 “AI in healthcare is challenging healthcare professionals and their patients to become data literate and familiar with the pros and cons of using it,” says Staynings. As a thought leader, author, public speaker, consultant and advocate for improved cybersecurity in the healthcare and life sciences industries, Staynings will be sharing his expertise in the upcoming lecture. 

Takeaways from the lecture:

  • Discover how AI is improving access, quality, patient experiences and business processes
  • Understand the hazards of using AI in medicine
  • Learn how criminals are using AI to exploit cyber defenses
  • Explore concepts such as deep fakes, compromised email and offensive/defensive AI
  • Consider the implications of AI for healthcare and patient safety

Date: Thursday, Sept 2nd & Thursday Sept 9th

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm MT

Medium: Virtual (Zoom)