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Cylera-Illumio Webinar

May 11th | Holistic Defense Against Ransomware and Other Stealthy Threats

With the dramatic expansion of healthcare interconnectivity, healthcare organizations are becoming easy targets for bad actors and ransomware attacks. Join us for this webinar to learn how Illumio, the market leader in Zero Trust Segmentation, and Cylera, the market leader in AI-assisted healthcare OT and IoT Medical device security, are delivering an integrated solution that helps healthcare organizations defend themselves against ransomware and other stealthy attacks. Expert hosts, Trevor Dearing, Illumio's Director of Critical Infrastructure Solutions, and Ryan Gonzales, VP of Solutions and Security, will be having an in-depth discussion on the cybersecurity threat landscape.

When: May 11th, 2022 at 8AM PT/11AM ET 

Platform: Bright Talk
Register: Completed. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to receive a recording of this webinar. 

Cylera-Illumio Webinar