Past Events

AAMI Exchange 2021

June 7–11, 2021 | AAMI Exchange 2021 is a New Kind of Conference Experience, We Hope You'll Join Us!

The AAMI Exchange 2021 is the best place to connect with colleagues new and old, share stories of how healthcare technology is evolving, empower emerging innovations, and refine our norms as an industry to adapt to a changing world.  

Join Cylera's healthcare security evangelist Richard Staynings and Penn Medicine's Dr. Benoit Desjardins, Professor of Radiology and Medicine for their presentation on "Cybersecurity in the era of Telehealth, Wearables, and HIoT: A Case Study"

Connect also with Richard and other members of the Cylera team to learn about the latest IoT and HIoT cybersecurity threats, risks and exploits, along with effective protection measures. 

Attend this event to: 

  • Discuss and exchange ideas 
  • Meet industry leaders - biomedical and clinical engineers, technicians, cybersecurity, and sterilization experts, hospital administrators and managers, and the industry's leading service and solution providers 
  • Listen to a forum discussing the ever-changing industry of medical technology 

Dates: June 4 - 7, 2021

Location: Charlotte, NC (Virtual)