Kwampirs Shamoon Technical Report

Cybersecurity Research Report from Cylera Labs

Cylera Labs presents medium-high confidence evidence tying Kwampirs to the notorious Shamoon attacks — an analysis long anticipated by industry professionals. This medium-high confidence report chronicles the evolution of Shamoon to the elusive maneuvers of Kwampirs.

Discover Critical Insights:

  • Shamoon Origins: Journey from the early days of Wiper attacks to the game-changing impact on Saudi Aramco.
  • The Unraveling of 2018: Explore the comprehensive account of the Kwampirs and the stealthy players behind the attacks.
  • Kwampirs Analysis: Delve into the technical information linking Kwampirs with Orangeworm, paving the path towards a clearer attribution.

Download the Kwampirs Shamoon Technical Report to learn more.

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