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How Can We Achieve Clinical Informatics and Operational Security?

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In the 21st century, how can we prepare for the realities of the even evolving technological challenges of the healthcare industry?

The first step in using clinical informatics and achieving operational security is to identify the full inventory of the devices and systems currently in use. The lack of widespread standardization and proper mapping of how these systems interact allow for cyber attackers to slip through the undocumented connections of these devices. In addition, many of these systems are outdated and in dire need of replacement or updating. How can these systems interoperate safely if they come from all types of different vendors and have differing methods of maintaining interoperations through various security patches?

Once the devices and their paths of communication have been properly catalogued, the possible cyber security risks must be assessed and then ranked according to threat priority. These vulnerabilities must be resolved through security updates or the purchase of new systems, but the work doesn't stop there. Without a proper procedure for maintaining security in the face of new threats, the whole system will eventually stagnate and collapse. To prevent such an event, healthcare providers must comply with risk management strategies created through the interaction of their IT security and clinical engineering departments.

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Join the panel of clinical engineering, biomed, and security experts as they discuss the question of "How can we achieve Clinical Informatics and Operational Security?"


This panel is comprised of:

  • Professor Benoit Desjardins, MD., at Penn Medicine 
  • Dr. James Balshi, MD., CMIO at St. Luke's University Health
  • Robert Stillman, MA, RN, Dir. Clinical & Research Informatics at Ohio State University (Wexner Medical)
  • Tracey Hughes, Senior Director, Clinical Engineering at Duke Health
  • Seth Fogie, Director of Information Security at Penn Medicine

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