Cylera Platform Executive Brief: Technical Highlights

The landscape of healthcare technology is evolving rapidly, intertwining patient care with complex interconnected systems. Yet, the rise of connected Healthcare IoT (HIoT) has attracted sophisticated cyber threats that jeopardize data security and, more critically, patient safety.

While generic security solutions falter under the specialized requirements of HIoT, Cylera's IoT Security Platform excels, offering a robust, contextual protection layer specifically crafted for the healthcare environment.

Key Highlights of Cylera IoT Security Platform:

  • Patented Technology: Revolutionary security measures developed to tackle the nuances of HIoT.
  • Integrated Insights: A deep understanding of both clinical and IT/SOC workflows forms the backbone of our strategic defense.
  • Unique Policy Generation: Customizable and collaborative security policies that elevate your response to threats without hindering clinical operations.
  • User-Centric Design: Co-developed with client input to ensure a seamless fit into your healthcare environment, regardless of size.

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