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Cylera Announces Expansion into Spain

To Serve New Customers, Research and Intelligence 

New York, NY, January 27, 2022 – Cylera, a leader in IoT, medical device (IoMT), enterprise IT/OT cybersecurity and threat intelligence announced today the opening of its newest office in Madrid, a continuation of its market expansion into Europe. Cylera’s patented IoT cybersecurity platform provides an advanced solution for customers in healthcare and life sciences, retail, transportation, enterprise, and other sectors by delivering a zero-touch approach to identifying and managing risks and vulnerability gaps in customer environments.

Cylera is joining a growing ecosystem of cybersecurity companies in Spain such as Devo, CounterCraft, Tarlogic, Blueliv, IriusRisk, Revelock, Constella, Gataca and many others. The new office in Madrid also indicates Cylera’s participation in the growth and development of the local cyber technology community throughout Spain.

“We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to expand through a base in Spain, from which we can best support regional customers,” said Timur Ozekcin, Co-Founder and CEO of Cylera. “With fast IoT and IoMT growth and further reliance on those connected devices, many healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are experiencing attacks aimed at connected IoT to extort money, steal intellectual property, impact patient care and disrupt operations. In addition, our customers use our IoT cybersecurity platform to inventory their IoT and IoMT assets, assess risk and vulnerability, schedule resources, detect threats and to provide intelligence to IT who can resolve issues faster than ever before with the data we provide.”

“The urgency to increase cybersecurity is high, with increased levels of ransomware from nation-state adversaries, and many other types of attacks,” said Pablo Rincon Crespo, Vice President of Cybersecurity and head of Cylera Labs.  “Cylera Labs’ research and intelligence is a big part of keeping ahead of threats that can risk safety, privacy and business continuity.”

“We are delighted to join the Utopicus Madrid offices - Spain has a thriving and growing cybersecurity community," says Steve Brigden, heading up European sales for Cylera. “Cylera’s newest office will be used to support regional intelligence and threat research, accelerate sales, and to provide customer support.”

Cylera’s offices are open for business at Utopicus Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana, 163, 28046, Madrid, Spain. Business inquiries from throughout EMEA can be directed to [email protected] in the UK, and [email protected] in Spain.