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Cylera Joins with Wembley Partners to Tackle Threats to IoT Security in Canadian Businesses

Toronto, Ontario, June 3, 2021 - Wembley Partners Ltd., and Cylera, Inc., the leading provider of next-generation IoT cybersecurity, have entered into a strategic partnership to help Canadian businesses combat the rapidly increasing number of cyberattacks leveraging the hidden weaknesses stemming from the widespread use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Through combining Cylera’s market-leading continuous IoT monitoring and AI-driven real-time behavioral anomaly detection capabilities with industry-leading accuracy rates and automatic quarantining of threats, and Wembley Partners’ 24/7/365 Managed Detection & Response operations around the globe, this alliance is uniquely positioned to aid Canadian businesses in the highly complex IoT security domain where traditional Managed Security providers often fall short.

Why Is This Important Now?

IoT is a topic of major technical, social, and economic significance, with the enterprise and automotive IoT market growing to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019 [according to Gartner]. Consumer products, durable goods, cars and trucks, industrial, healthcare and utility components, sensors, and other everyday objects now come with internet connectivity that can provide the functionality and data needed to rapidly transform the way we work, live, and play. At the same time, IoT raises significant cybersecurity and privacy challenges that could stand in the way of realizing its potential benefits.

Canada is quickly making its way up the list of Top 10 countries targeted by cyberattacks [according to 2006-2020 data from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)], and timing is particularly important. The ability to detect attacks on often unmapped or unmanaged IoT infrastructure, and to employ around-the-clock proactive defense is quickly becoming imperative for Canadian companies in sectors where the use of internet-connected devices is becoming ubiquitous. These can include healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance, and more. Long-term, businesses need to bolster their ability to prosper through examining their plans for business continuity and resilience and thereby, provide assurance to customers, employees, and business partners.

“Our partnership with Wembley makes so much sense for Canadian customers who want the patented technology capabilities offered by Cylera, wrapped in the convenience and expertise of a global, around-the-clock managed service,” said Timur Ozekcin, CEO and Co-Founder of Cylera. “Like us, Wembley is moving quickly, and has the trust of its mounting customer base who can now gain the benefits of fast response and next-generation, advanced technology to safeguard what matters most.”

“IoT infrastructure, while immensely convenient and scalable, is highly exploitable by bad actors and often represents a blind spot in an organization’s security posture. Our experience in aiding our valued clients’ Cyber Incident Response efforts has demonstrated that in one out of every five breaches, the attackers have gained initial access by exploiting an IoT-related weakness in the target’s systems and we believe this is trending upward,” said Logan Wolfe, CEO of Wembley Partners Ltd. “The resulting damage to business operations is not to be taken lightly; gaining around-the-clock visibility into Internet-connected devices regardless of their type is critical for Canadian businesses’ long-term survival, and with Cylera’s help we are perfectly positioned to help Canada get there, fast.”

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About Wembley Partners

Going to market since late 2019 and led by a global Board of industry professionals with over 160 years of expertise combined, Wembley Partners set out to become the world leader in Security Intelligence, Cyber Incident Management, and Assessment products and services for both SMBs and enterprises. Recognized by NCSC as an Industry 100 company, Wembley Partners delivered over $280,000,000 in value to its clients in under 2 years.

About Cylera

Cylera is the next-generation in IoT and medical device security, with enhanced intelligence. We deliver richer data, stronger security and faster reaction times in order to safeguard what matters most: people, data and privacy. Unlike others who use “first-generation” approaches that fall short, Cylera’s Platform is next-generation, patented technology, with unique IoT Device Emulation/digital twin that has zero disruption and can assess true risk within IoT and medical devices with clinical workflow context. Aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NIS and others, Cylera addresses IoT risks to patient care and safety.

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