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Introducing Cylera's New UI: Streamlining IoT & Medical Device Security

Helping Simplify the Securing of Complex Healthcare IoT Environments 

The adoption of IoT in healthcare continues to grow at a pace with no sign of slowing down. By 2029, the sector is expected to spend $54 billion on connected devices, an increase from $21 billion in 2021, a year when 250 million medical devices were introduced to the market. In addition to this, tens of thousands of more medical devices are expected to come onto the network in the next two years alone, while the number of remotely monitored patients will continue to rise sharply.  

Healthcare is undergoing a dramatic digital transformation. These connected environments are becoming increasingly more complex, with expanding attack surfaces and potential vulnerabilities emerging for threat actors to exploit. As this transformation continues, more dormant and legacy operating systems, which have been offline for years, will be connected to networks yearly, systems that have never been patched or aren’t likely to be patched. Meanwhile, networks remain unmanaged and unsegmented, with limited visibility of what’s connected to the system. These unique security challenges present opportunities to hackers while keeping healthcare leaders and heads of hospital IT awake at night.   

At Cylera, we constantly listen and respond to the concerns of our healthcare customers. For the last nine months, we have been gathering customer insight on the specific security challenges they face as they try to navigate the complexities of today’s interconnected device landscape, sourcing feedback on how Cylera’s solutions can help. Based on these findings and months of extensive testing and further customer analysis, we are delighted to announce the new Cylera Command Platform User Interface (UI refresh) to our agentless medical and healthcare IoT device cybersecurity and intelligence platform.  

The ultimate goal of our UI refresh is to help Heads of IT make sense of the challenges of today’s interconnected device landscape and to make securing your complex IoT environment much simpler and easier.

Cylera Command Platform Dashboard

Cylera's New UI

Our intelligence platform has always automated the entire process of managing and securing your connected device landscape through asset identification, risk analysis, profiling, and improved medical device management. This allows a multitude of existing security and network security systems to work together seamlessly through the automation and orchestration of the Cylera platform - helping to protect patient safety and care.   

Our UI refresh has now made this security device management process even more straightforward. A further ‘polished’ enterprise experience has been designed with a ‘customer-first’ approach. The new UI features include:

A more modern and minimalistic approach

We have overhauled the UI to bring a fresher, cleaner, and more balanced dashboard, distilling complex, multi-layered data into an intuitive, simple experience. Users can easily navigate through the platform with a streamlined and modern navigation menu. Key data points are easily noticed, and each page has an informational hierarchy that was carefully designed specifically for enterprise power users.  

NEW! Dark Mode

Cylera Command Platform Dark Mode

A brand new feature to our platform, users can now choose the theme they want. Toggle between light and dark modes to reduce eye strain while maintaining accessibility and usability standards. A popular option for those working in a SOC environment or similar.  

Simplified Device Ownership 

A simplified inventory section that instantly displays the devices and groups assigned to the user, including their risk and threat posture. This highlights any areas that require immediate attention and makes it easier for the user to reduce time spent searching and more time actioning.   

Single Device View

We’ve intelligently consolidated all the important data points into a single high-level page view so the user can quickly digest a device’s posture with identity, risk, and threat information all in one place. They can also drill down into specific areas to gain greater visibility and context of their network assets. This creates a more natural and intuitive journey when investigating devices through the platform.

Unified Device and Risk Assessment 

Continuing with our simpler, cleaner user experience, our UI refresh presents a unified view of all risk assessment and remediation efforts of all devices on the network. A unified view where users can instantly see the assets affected, track trends, break down data by vendor, and prioritize individual risks. The item of ‘highest impact risk’ is always displayed front and center of the page so the user knows instantly where to focus their attention first to improve overall security posture, saving time and reducing risk. 

Cylera Command Platform Subset

NEW! Enhanced Subnet Analysis

Easily analyze the current state of any subnet to identify areas to increase the separation of responsibilities and decrease the blast radius from adverse events. Because security programs are often restricted by the availability of vendor-provided patches and daunted by the scope of zero trust, proper network organization is critical to maintaining proper cyber hygiene. For this reason, we’ve built a new page with simple visualizations combined with searchable tabular data that enables users to identify opportunities easily.

NEW! Integration Control Center

We’ve built a dedicated control center for integrations, where all the management tools you need are consolidated in one place. You can update configurations, monitor status changes, trigger actions, and view historical logs. The new control center gives complete visibility into exactly how and when the Cylera platform is interacting with other tools on your network.

Let's Talk IoT & Medical Device Asset Management and Security

Cylera is a pioneering IoT and Medical Device cybersecurity company. Our Command Platform provides real-time medical and IoT device visibility and categorization to help with your asset inventory/management initiatives, risk and vulnerability assessments to enable you to understand the risk posture across your estate, followed by providing vulnerability management playbooks and/or network segmentation policy generation to help healthcare organizations like yours drive resiliency and secure their network.

Ready to see how our platform can revolutionize your IoT and medical device asset management and security? Let's start with a conversation.

See It In Action!

Looking To The Future

Our focus at Cylera is empowering our customers to achieve more and to streamline their cybersecurity workflow. We believe that this new UI design will make navigating and managing your network easier, allowing you to focus on what matters most – patient care. This is only the beginning, and this UI refresh is a big step in our journey to enable organizations to secure their healthcare IoT and medical devices better.   

For current customers - these changes mean a more user-friendly and intuitive experience that simplifies your workflow and highlights the most critical information while still providing the same powerful cybersecurity solutions you’ve come to rely on. You can currently toggle between the old UI and the new one for one month (till May 1st, 2023) using the button on the top right of the platform. 

To find out more about our solutions, visit our solutions page, or to enquire about our UI refresh, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] or visit our contact us page here.

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